Message Saved/Thank You! (Grumpy's)

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Amphetamine Reptile Scale 103 front cover
Amphetamine Reptile Scale 103 back cover
Uncut sheet showing poster, single cover, and tickets

Message Saved/Thank You! 7" - released 2004

Grumpy's cover by Aesthetic Apparatus

Artwork for this done by Aesthetic Apparatus. This is a limited edition release for the Melvins shows on March 19th in Coon Rapids, MN and 20th in Minneapolis, MN of 2004 at two different locations of Grumpy's Bar and Grill(owned by amphetamine reptile records owner). At the shows the sign said there were 200 of these pressed but there were actually 250, 75 of which had the foldover back like in the second picture, the other 175 did not have the foldover, the 75 with the flap were available on amrep's website along with the poster for 40 dollars as a set. The music on them is what most people would consider "noise". There was another set of this 7" made with different artwork sold at the Melvins 20th anniversary show in Olympia the same year, which was a pressing of 250 also.

Here's what Wes who did the artwork for the other version of the single said of the release: Initially, there was only going to be 200 like other grumpy's melvins shows. Then the melvins wanted to have some at their anniversary shows so they bumped it up to 500. I was to do the second cover for the portland/west coast shows. Since I screen printed the covers too, I had the paper which was 100 sheets, three covers to a sheet. Since prints sometimes get fucked up in screen printing, I was worried I wouldn't be able to make a full 300. So we lowered the number on the sleeve to 250. Haze said he had more of the Aesthetic cover so he could make up the difference. In the end, we used exactly 250 of my cover. The pressing plant sent exactly 500 pieces of vinyl, so the rest are for sure aesthetic. But their cover comes in 2 different styles due to the cutting, since tickets were on the same sheet. It wasn't on purpose but worked out nicely to make some special packaging. The ones that were available for mail order with the poster on the am rep site came signed by the band and had a fold over flap, like this one on ebay right now. It looks kind of like a giant match book when folded up. I don't know exactly what the breakdown ended up being between signed fold over and the ones at the show. -Wes

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Message Saved
  • B Side
  1. Thank You!

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