Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings/HDYF

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Scale 92 front cover

Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings/HDYF 7" - released 1996

Each single in this series was released once a month during the year. "Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings" is originally by ZZ Top.

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
  • B Side
  1. HDYF

Extra Info

GrimReaper sent this info in from Timo Ellis of IMA about the song HDYF:

I'm pretty sure the song was something that Sean(Lennon) and I came up with...we demoed an early version of it in NYC sometime prior to that, but frankly it was a pretty "melvins-esque" feeling/ homage-ish song to begin with...! Ill check with Sean bout this just to be sure..As far as the vocals/ lyric goes, you'd have to ask Yoko..! Working with the melvins' guys was great, they're just super friendly/ cool, as was Mario c..! I went to Evergreen from 89-93 so I got into them when i was there, personally I was really psyched to play with them, for sure, we all were..!

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