Rat Faced Granny

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"Rat Faced Granny" – 2:41

Originally released on (A) Senile Animal, 2006.


The owls are burning
She's sick of me
And I'm not leaving

So what's the story?
The gun denies
They flash in nowhere

I couldn't be bothered
That's hurting me
The tag of victory

He's rank and bloody
I can't believe
And now it's over

Wild, nothing new
Annoyed, nothing new
Oh, you think you're wild, but you're nothing new
And your wound
Nothing new
And that's so wild, but it's nothing new
And now you're older

What? Nothing new.
Annoyed, Nothing new.
What about being our friend?
But now you're leaving
And you're worried
Nothing new
Don't even worry, never think it's good
Good, good, good...