September 09, 2004

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Trevor Dunn opened the show with his band Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant, which recently put their second album out on Ipecac. They played for about forty minutes, I'm guessing mostly material from the new album as besides Dunn the band was all new compared to the first Trio Convulsant album. Not being too familiar with the music it sounded like a mixture of improvised bits followed by points were the band all came together. After the usual takedown and setup time the Melvins took the stage. This was the last time I saw the band play with Kevin as the bassist and he looked really bad. While he did nail all the bass parts (albeit a little slower than normal), he just didn't look healthy. The band played a few songs off of Stag (including a version of The Bloat with a very heavy ending), Queen from Stoner Witch, Let It All Be, and a couple off of Pigs of the Roman Empire, including the title track with a different ending that included vocals. After about an hour of playing Buzz stopped to say what a good audience we were and as a special treat he brought out Jello Biafra to play some tracks off of the upcoming Never Breathe What You Can't See, which came out a couple of months later, as well as a couple of Dead Kennedys tracks (California Uber Alles and Moon Over Marin), as well as a cover of Halo of Flies by Alice Cooper. Once Jello took the stage the place went pretty crazy, and I can tell you by personal experience that he is lighter than you would think, and he also smells funny.