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"Skweetis" (words: Osborne; music: Crover/Deutrom/Osborne) – 1:12

Originally from Stoner Witch, 1994


You gone sold you for you lie

Caught in a holder, yeah

She done hit him roll you go

Caught in a hollow yellow, yeah.

Guitar Tab

Submitted by Andy<>

ok, from what i can tell, the beginning guitar drone is the sound of buzzo tuning his low E string down to D, to accomodate dropped-D tuning. he hits the open D5 chord a couple times. then when the 'riff' starts, don't get confused with the descending bass scale that mark plays - it sounds very much like guitar, but it's not. the guitar starts about two beats into the measure or so, and it starts with a single note slide up to about the 12th fret. do some wide-ass vibrato the whole way up and for the whole 'riff'. see, it's tough to tell where buzzo goes on the neck because the vibrato is so wide - he could be within 2 frets either way!! from the 12th fret, casually work your way up, either following the pentatonic scale with the diminished notes added or just go chromatically. most of the longer notes are on the dots (i.e. 12, 15, 17, 19). just stay on the low E string EXCEPT for the end of the riff - i know that at the end of the 'riff' (it's repeated a couple of times) he plays a 15 on the low E, 17 on the A, and 17 on the D. he probably also goes in this chord for the muted higher part about 1/3 of the way thru the riff. listen, you'll see what i mean. it's very important to play each note hard and alone - if you let the different notes blend in, it sounds like ass. also, using your neck pickup might help, but then again, i don't have a gibson like buzzo - i just have a samick, a roland, and an ibanez RG-560! it's pretty hard to get that noise-rock tone with my shit...