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"Live at Slims" 8-track cartridge released 2000

Recorded June 17, 1999 at Slim's, 333 11th St, San Francisco, CA, USA.

On the back it says:

  • $ = bonus tracks (if you're lucky) $$ = bonus tracks (if you're REALLY lucky). This is because the 8-track cuts out at different times on each, some don't even have the last three tracks at all!

Track listing

  1. Manky 4:29
  2. See How Pretty, See How Smart 8:12
  3. amazon 2:09
  4. AMAZON 4:57
  5. Let It All Be 4:15
  6. Let God Be Your Gardener 2:54
  7. Hog Leg 3:56
  8. With Teeth 3:30
  9. The Bit 4:57
  10. The Bloat 4:16
  11. The Green Manalishi 5:58
  12. Lovely Butterfly 1:51
  13. Jew Boy Flowerhead 5:32
  14. Eye Flies 14:22



from Life Is Abuse:

To celebrate the millennium as well as our 10th release we coaxed one of our favorite bands into releasing a live 8-track!! This was a limited release from the masters of sludge and all things unusual. 30-74 minutes on 4 tracks of kick ass Melvins magic (each tape is a different length). 9-14 songs ranging from their new stuff (ala "Maggot" and "Bootlicker") all the way back to the "Gluey" era. Recorded live at Slims with a Mini-Disk man and a stereo microphone, then carefully converted from digital to 8 track for the highest in fidelity sound!! The MELVINS sold the first 50 on their "2x4 Tour" 2000 for $25, the rest are floating around somewhere!!

from 8-Track Heaven:

The actual recording is a bootleg done by Matt with a recordable Mini-Disk man and a stereo mic, but the 8-track was released with permission by the Melvins. Details on the recording and production of the tape from Matt: "I dubbed all the tapes off myself, real time, one at a time, on my Wollensak 3M (model #8050 A). All of the tapes are recycled, stickers removed, carefully cleaned, and erased using a hand held bulk tape eraser. The first 50 tracks I made (which were sold by the Melvins) came in a variety of colors: 1-10 gray, 11-20 White, 21-25 Black, 26-30 Grey, 31-35 White, 36-40 light blue, 41-43 black, 44-48 gray, 49 Dark Blue, 50 Red (these numbers are fairly accurate but could be off on a color or 2). I already had a huge box of crappy 8-tracks and a bought tons others. When I first started dubbing them, I didn't have any extra sensing foil, so I played tested each and every one of the 50 first, to make sure the tape was good and the foil was strong... only half of them passed the test.. For the second 50 I bought 50 all gray carts from "Kate's Track Shack" complete with new sensing foil and "Win-Gib" replacement pads. This made my life 10 times easier! I only have to make 7 more copies (I've been lazy) so my job will be finished soon!"

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