With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands (single)

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Released in 1990 on Sympathy For The Record Industry (SFTRI 81)

  • 2 different covers:
    • white cover edit. 25 (originally for band members only - although more unsold copies are known to exist)
    • regular yellow cover

  • 5 different label designs:
    • Two 'Side 2's (1st pressing)
    • Coop girl
    • Black/yellow 'S'
    • Black/light blue 'S'
    • Black/white 'S'

  • Various different colored vinyl:
    • black wax
    • clear wax
    • clear pink wax
    • clear blue wax
    • clear red wax
    • clear yellow wax
    • marbled lilac wax of various shades
    • marbled pink wax of various shades
    • marbled purple wax of various shades

  • There are other transitional colors, too: yellow/orange, yellow/black and yellow/green are known to exist.

Track Listing

A: With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands (Malfunkshun Cover)

B: Four Letter Woman/Anal Satan


Buzzy Ramone - Vocals + Guitar ?

Dale E. City - Drum ?

Lorax - Bass ?

Produced by Jonathan Burnside (aka Johnny Ripper) Thanks to: Brian Walsby, Chris Dodge, Pete Davis, The Lord High...

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