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Melvins - Almost Live feat. Teri Gender Bender - 7" Single-Sided Square White Lathe-Cut - released September 11, 2015

Rebel Girl Detail

  • 7" Joyful Noise Recordings JNR208-1 Released in January 2016 as part of Joyful Noise's 2016 Singles Series.
    • edit. 1000 7" on white vinyl with screen-printed art on Side B designed by Mackie Osborne, packaged in a screen-printed jacket.

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill


Recorded live at Joyful Noise Recordings, Indianapolis, IN by Brent Smith. Mixed & mastered by Toshi Kasai.

Notes by Karl Hofstetter

Let's get this out of the way: the Melvins are my favorite band in the world. And when developing this "Almost Live" idea, the Melvins were my first choice to lead the series.

Nearly all my interactions with the Melvins happen via text message with Dale Crover, a man whose talent and artistry genuinely terrify me. But every once in a while I work up the courage to text Dale an idea for a release...and that's how this project began.

After a few pestering texts asking the Melvins to take part in our new Almost Live series, and a few generally positive but non-committal responses, Dale came up with an idea. On June 29 he sent a text that read: "What we want to do is a Bikini Kill song with Teri Gender Bender singing. How's that sound?" My response: "Sounds perfect."

One week later the Melvins were pulling up to our office prior to their soundcheck. The band arrived during one of the worst mid-day thunderstorms in recent memory, so Buzz, Dale, Pinkus, Teri, Brian and myself all crammed into our tiny fright elevator and headed up to the JNR Headquarters.

When Buzz first walked into our space he sized it up immediately, stating definitively, "We can make this work...we've played smaller venues than this." A few cracks from Pinkus later, the band was set up and ready to roll.

But our very first attempt at this Almost Live idea was not without its problems. We couldn't identify or control the loud, screeching feedback coming through Dale's headphones, plus our record lathe had broken the day before...In general, we did not have our shit together. But even through all that mess, the Melvins were very understanding and absurdely professional. They knocked out this song in about three takes, without the convenience of a headphone mix. No overdubs. No fixes necessary.

Looking back, this session just seems surreal. It's an honor to have documented this unique moment in time for the Melvins. And it's an honor to include this very special release within the catalog of the self proclaimed "greatest band in the history of music". - July 7, 2015

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