Bad Mood Rising

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Melvins - Bad Mood Rising - released August 14, 2022

Cover by HAZE XXL/Chris Mars (Art Editions) Cover by Mackie Osborne (Factory Edition)

  • LP Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 145
    • Factory Edition Mail Order variant - Orange vinyl with light orange and black splatters
    • Factory Edition Record Shop variant - Black Vinyl
    • Factory Edition Tour variant - Orange vinyl
    • Edition of 200 - Moldy Mint Edition - Coke Bottle Green with Pink and Red splatters vinyl - Mint Green sleeve
    • Edition of 200 - Bad Mood Blue Edition - White with Blue Blob and Black Streaks vinyl - Blue sleeve
    • Edition of 200 - Blood Orange Edition - Red with Orange Blob and Black Splatters vinyl - Orange sleeve
  • CD Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 145

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Mister Dog Is Totally Right
  2. Never Say You're Sorry
  • Side B
  1. My Discomfort Is Radiant
  2. It Won't Or It Might
  3. Hammering
  4. The Receiver And The Empire State



Tabla orchestra by HV Bakshi. Recorded by Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens Studio, Los Angeles. Art: Mackie Osborne. Special Thanks: Tom Hazelmyer, Toshi Kasai, Mackie Osborne, Monica Seide.

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