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7" Front Cover

Melvins 1983 - Gaylord 7" - released July 1, 2013

Cover by HAZE XXL

Track Listing

  • A Side
  1. City Dump - B. Osborne
  • B Side
  1. You're In The Army Now - Traditional
  2. 99 Bottles Of Beer - Traditional



These tracks also appear on the Melvins 1983 album Tres Cabrones.

"The 1983 incarnation of the Melvins rip it wide open with original track "City Dump". B-side has two of the most twisted covers to date. "You're In The Army Now" & "99 Bottles". 3 color hand silk screened sleeves by HAZE XXL with crazy green splatter action vinyl and Tour version of vinyl in clear lime green." - AMREP

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