H.I.V. Groupie Hits Pack

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H.I.V. Groupie Hits Pack Melvins/Mudhoney Split 7"

back cover
front cover
  • 1989
  • 7" S.Q. Rec 02 Bootleg
  • black wax edit. 600 (Generally with a green sleeve, although white sleeves exist)
  • dark-red wax edit. 300
  • A: Mudhoney Side - credited as the Psycho Surgeons on the vinyl label
  1. "Eruption" 3:20 - really "Here Comes Sickness", (1989 studio demo)
  2. "Speedies Coming" 2:58 - really "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More" (1989 studio demo)
  3. {unlistedtrack} - "Chain That Door (live)" (1989 live version)
  • B: Melvins Side - credited as The Proffesors on the vinyl label
  1. "The Sails of Charon"/"Just Sixteen" 4:01- really a cover of a KISS song "Going Blind" 1987 live recording in San Francisco, CA at the I-Beam. Listed differently on the sleeve and the record, this cover was officially released later as a studio recording on Houdini.

The Psyco Surgeons and The Proffesors were both seminal late-'70s punk bands from Australia. The Proffesors actually spelled their name "Professores". The Professores didn't release anything but the guitarist, Bruce Tindale, was later a member of a band called The Decline of the Reptiles which did put out some stuff.

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