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Hoch Zeit is an Austrian short film directed by Paul Poet (PaulPoet@gmx.net) from 1996 in which both Melvins and King Buzzo are credited as actors. Melvins do not appear on the soundtrack.

Plot Synopsis from IMDB: Deleuze according to Aerosmith. Deep inside Camille Paglia. This film is a lot of things: An Anti MTV-Rock'n'Roll-allegory. A comment on Grunge's corporate happy misery. An experimental short paraphrasing and deconstructing music video mythologies and clichés into a barren landscape of hyper-nobodies and tribal industrial thunder. A paranoid girly girl, obvious cross of Alicia Silverstone and Courtney Love, plagued by visions of marriage, parenthood, getting solid, flees her sleep chamber to join an urban setting of tough guys, getting chased, caught and finding no freedom after all. So much for teen spirit revolution. Despite its predating of Shakespeare pathos gone MTV-kitsch by Baz Luhrmann and Chris Cunningham's violently gritty "Come to Daddy"-aesthetics as well as initiating the ambient side project Tribes of Neurot by famous Californian apocalyptic metal masters Neurosis, it remains an almost unreleased cult item, loved by a handful of celebrities like the Einstürzenden Neubauten and hard sought after by fans. Critics fave comparisons: Derek Jarman and Kenneth Anger translated to 90s kiddie ennui.

The soundtrack which does not feature the Melvins was released on the label Trost and is still available as a 10".

Hoch Zeit may be released in the US via INDIEPIX.