Hung Bunny

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"Hung Bunny" - 10:22

Originally from Lysol, 1992 on Boner Records.



Guitar TAB

updated Sep 2009

Tuning: C-G-C-F-A-D

"Hung Bunny"

First get some feedback on this chord:


And play this sequence 4 times:

 // - At first play this very loosely   -   Improvise the rhythm a little - \\      

Then after you've played that 4 times, instead of playing the last chord, go to the next section. This is where the drums come in:

|-5-R--------------------0-R-------------------- play 6x

The last chord above is where Dale does the cymbal roll. After this chord is held for a short time, play the main riff/verse of "Roman Dog Bird".


~ = vibrato    h = natural harmonic   
b = bend       . =  palm mute        
/ = slide up   \ = slide down        
R = let note ring

Guitar TAB

tabbed by Matt Helmick

Well, first things first. If you do not own "Lysol" or haven't heard it, then this transcription is going to be worthless to you. So go get it! Even if you have it and are familiar with it, you may have some difficulty understanding what the hell I am talking about.

The guitar is tuned accordingly, from low to high: C#,F#,B,E,G#,C#.

The two higher strings aren't used at all, so in the transcription, I have ommitted them.

The first song on Lysol, (the Intro, I think) is basically a "free time" style song, meaning that you can play it at your own speed. There really isn't an intelligible meter, so I have dubbed it "Free Time".


Upon getting the transcription, I suggest that you play along with the recording by the Melvins. There are various bends and palm mutes, and I will try to notate them as they appear.

|--0-------0--------0------0---1--1--1--1--0------|     repeat this many times.Then go to the next section:

|--0-------0-------|   This is where Dale starts punding on the bass and low tom. Hold the last chord until the band proceeds:


the last chord above is where Dale does the cymbal roll and it turns CHAOTIC!!!

If you listen close to the recording, after this chord is held for a short time, Buzz starts playing the main riff of the SECOND SONG, and it is as follows:


The above is the main riff under the vocals for the entire song except the chorus and end. The last chord should bend to resolve with the first chord in the above.

It should be repeated (four or six?) times, and then the chorus section comes in with:


Hold this last chord for a shortime, until the vocals are almost over for the "chorus" section. On the last "word" that Buzz sings (whatever that may be), this muted section comes in. I have notated the chords to be palm muted with x's under the chords, and the section is as follows:

                    x  x

     x     x     x  x 

Now that you have gotten this far, go all the way back to the section of "Main riff Under Vocals" and do it all again. The only difference is that on the second time thru, the last two chords in the line above are replaced with:

|--0-nh12-----nh12--  The nh12 means natural harmonics on the 12th fret. 

Proceed to the next bar:



Repeat this as needed and when Buzz starts singing again, the chords are as follows: (NOTE: the last chord of the above diagram should be held to join the first note below):

|--0--------------------------- To conclude this masterpiece, the bar is as follows:

|-------------nh12--- Hold that natural harmonic, and let your amp build up feedback, and, voila! Into Infinity!!