Melvins/Seawhores Split

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Melvins/Seawhores split 12" - released June 28, 2012

Front cover for Scale 129
Back cover for Scale 129
Art Insert

Cover by HAZE XXL

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Baby Won't You Weird Me Out - Osborne
  • Side 1
  1. Receive Your Crown - Seawhores

Personnel (Side A)

The liner notes incorrectly state King Buzzo/Coady Willis/Dale Crover/Jared Warren as playing on this.

Personnel (Side 1)

  • Adam Marx
  • Agata
  • Charles Gehr
  • Cody Weigel

Notes from AmRep

Edition of 300 & most of those were already sold as the special "ticket" for the "Post Moral" concert at Lit Lounge in New York City on 6/30/2012.

Side A is the Melvins' "Baby, Won't You Weird Me Out" & Side 1 is the Seawhores' "Recieve Your Crown". Each sleeve is hand printed from linoleum block, signed & numbered by Haze-XXL. The record is in swirly red clear vinyl & is sealed. It also comes with a snappy art insert by Benjamin Nylen & Johnny Quinine with all info on the back.

Also offered is the "Flapless Retardist Edition" variant where the sleeve is printed on the opposite sides from the normal edition. It's missing the flap & is hand penciled with the edition name, crossed out sealing sticker & the edition # back, errrr....front. Whatever, you get the picture. Only 8 of these muthas were made of these."

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