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12" Front Cover, all versions

Redd Kross & Melvins 12" - released December 31, 2012

Cover by Obsolete Industries and HAZE XXL

  • 12" Amphetamine Reptile Records AmRep 090 edit. 300
  • Edition of ?? with Haze XXL sleeve, intact postcard glued to the back and silver Melvins Official Stamp Of Authenticity
  • Edition of ?? with Haze XXL sleeve and torn postcard glued to the back
  • Edition of 50 with Haze XXL sleeve, hand numbered and red/white haze vinyl
  • Edition of ?? with Mackie Osborne Letterpress sleeve, turkey on the back
  • Edition of ?? with Mackie Osborne Letterpress sleeve, face on the back

Track Listing

  • Side A
  1. Female Trouble - Waters/Devine (sic)
  2. Carpe Diem - Kupferberg
  • Side B
  1. Linda Blair 1984 - Jeff & Steve McDonald
  2. Linda Blair Suite 2012 - Jeff & Steve McDonald

Personnel (Side A)


Female Trouble & Carpe Diem later appeared on the tribute album Everybody Loves Sausages. Female Trouble is a cover of the theme song from the film of the same name by Director John Waters. Carpe Diem is a cover of The Fugs song which originally appeared on The Fugs First Album

"12" made for the NYE 2012 (going into 2013) show at The Alexandria Hotel's King Eddie Ballroom in Los Angeles. Pressing of 300 with silk screened sleeves designed by Haze-XXL & printed by Obsolete Industries. The ones for sale here through AmRep are for the version that has the show postcard glued on the back & NOT the letterpress Mackie Osborne variant (& we don't have any of them so don't ask.) Schmancy red cross vinyl (ha, get it?) & each sleeve is stamped with the edition #." - AMREP

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