Splatt Gallery in Walled Lake, MI has what I'm confident in saying is the largest amount of Melvins shows poster art ever assembled in one place on exhibition right now! I went through it recently and recommend it to anyone who will be near the Detroit area this summer. Check out their facebook page for lots of shots of the exhibition. Read below for the press release...

OK, here's the Manifesto...

Why Doth Melvins?

The Melvins, unknown to the masses, and unfathomable to the mainstream, ARE America’s greatest metal band, and hence… our greatest RAWK band.

They’ve been at it now for thirty (30!) years, have released at least that many albums (plus a multitude of singles, collaborations, and special “projects”), and have incessantly played thousands of shows on (Guinness World) record-breaking tours.

You may never have heard of them, but all the bands you like certainly have.

At the beginning of their career, (the) Melvins invented what has now become an entire genre of music inadequately, despairingly, and perfectly coined as “drone” or “stoner metal”. But they didn’t stop (or really even start) there. Melvins music blends elements of the blues, free jazz, vaudeville comedy, hi-energy rock ‘n’ roll, stadium-sized anthems, heavy metal, punk rock, show tunes, electronica, found sounds, musique concrete, and experimental noise. For the most part, it’s LOUD.

And like all better things in life, (the) Melvins keep getting better. We don’t toss the label “America’s Best Band” around lightly (R.I.P. Ramones, Capt Beefheart). Now, if you’ve got ears, you’ve got to listen.

Just as with their music, (the) Melvins aesthetic, as displayed by their album art, song titles, stage presence, and merchandise (what other band has offered two-headed baby dolls?) ranges from the gutter to the stars. There’s a reason why nearly all of the artists that we feature at Splatt Gallery have done work for (the) Melvins. Stylistically, it’s across the boards, but the underlying theme is FUN- the creative joy of having no boundaries, with a healthy prescription of not taking one’s self too seriously.

Baseball, hot dogs, hot rods, and pizza pie – American culture of the sixties filtered through the Reagan years where hippie idealism was discarded while B-grade nostalgia became exalted – all this, and more, will find its way into The Art of (the) Melvins. The new exhibit at Splatt Gallery, featuring well over 100 original Melvins concert posters, is sensory overload, from vivid Day-Glow Technicolor to dark Gothic undertones… oh, the horror, the horror.

The Art of (the) Melvins will be on display at Splatt Gallery, Walled Lake, Michigan through-out the Summer 2013. 301 Legato Drive, Walled Lake, MI  48390

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